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Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

Poised in the storied 1914 property on Baltimore’s historic Recreation Pier – “Rec Pier” as it’s known to locals – Sagamore Pendry Baltimore embodies the city’s rich history, vibrant personality and idyllic harbor setting with character, inspiration and style. Rooted in tradition but reimagined, the pier’s extensive renovation has honored the historic essence of the property and restored it to its former glory, reflecting a bygone era, impeccable service, unparalleled quality and travel that inspires, but with a modern-day sensibility and aesthetic that speaks to today’s guest.
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Veneer, Retaining Walls, Free-Standing Walls, Seat Walls, Patios, Terraces, Risers, Walkways, Monuments, Bridges, Arches, Columns, Entry Walls, Signs, Fences & Piers, Mailboxes, Driveways, Courtyards, Grills, Fireplaces, Chimneys, Fire Pits, Swimming Pool Decks, Waterfalls & Fountains, Jacuzzis, Ponds, Indoor Fireplaces, Indoor Stone Features, Floors, Bars
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